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Mr. S.P. Bansal



As we learn to unwrap the gift of each day, our courage, our character and our conviction decide the trajectory of our dreams and destiny. My career span is a testimony to this idea and ideal of aligning your passion with perseverance.

From the humble beginnings in 1985 with a small school at Panipat Haryana, Geeta Group of Institutions, have traversed a long way to today become a giant beehive of educational excellence, with 5 campuses, where students come from close areas and faraway lands to pursue their global ambitions.

As we are on the threshold of a new milestone at Geeta University, I feel proud to be a teacher, a mentor, a father figure to the future of this glorious Nation, in my own way!

As the times today demand a fast-paced action-oriented curriculum, Geeta University has invested in Future, creating a wealth of Complete Corporate Citizens with leadership qualities for the country.

So I invite youngsters who want their future glittering with possibilities, parents who are concerned about the future of their children, the teachers-the faculty who crave a space that bridges education and knowledge, the schools that want their students to see the future today….Come to Geeta University, Powering Education, Empowering Minds.

Leadership-SP Bansal-Geeta university
Leadership-Nishant Bansal-Geeta university

Mr. Nishant Bansal

Pro Chancellor

The best way to do business in education is to stay close to education and far from business! Every decision will measure your conscience as every cost is an investment; an investment into the future of India, futures that will compete with the best of the world and become the new thought leaders.

Our students are also taught the iron-clad ethics that have shaped the legacy of our Geeta Group of Institutions and today is the framework of our pride, our passion i.e. Geeta University!

And Future is safe in such hands.

Mr. Ankush Bansal

Pro Chancellor

The journey of Geeta Group of Institutions and the journey from Geeta Group of Institutions to Geeta University today, every step has been paved with hard work and honest application to the mission and vision of the group.

We follow processes and methodology honed by the best of academicians responding to the clarion call of passion to make the education at Haryana, match the best of the country.

Technical courses or the teaching programs, Pharmacy or the very in demand Computer Sciences, Legal eagles or the hotel management professionals and so many others, Geeta University opens your world to another dimension, much beyond the regular career skills; At Geeta University, you become a Complete Corporate Citizen. 

We invite you to take a scroll here extensively on our website and a stroll in our campus, just once to realize how Future is already here!

Leadership-Ankush Bansal-Geeta university

Dr. Vikas Singh

Vice Chancellor

At Geeta University we have a wide vision of transforming even the most ordinary students into remarkable management and technical experts who will be relevant in both the present and future global landscapes. We are constantly devoted to the professional and personal growth of our faculties. That is why our employees are proud of their affiliation with the institution. We assist all of our students in establishing both attainable and difficult objectives for themselves.

I encourage all eager students to choose Geeta University as a place to pursue their further education.

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