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International Conference 2023

Geeta University is organizing an International Conference on Computational Science and Management (ICCSM-2023) from 7th-8th April 2023. This maiden international conference stands first in the series of international conglomeration of renowned professional entities from the academia, industry, policy makers, and scholars all around the world. This aims at fostering exchange of ideas, innovative thinking and business ideas besides addressing the emerging concerns from the technological world. 

The conference aims to provide a special opportunity to a galaxy of academicians and professionals to discuss, debate and dialogue on various issues-old, arcane and emerging in the field of Computational Science and Management.


Geeta University students will have access to various national and international conferences of the academic interest and they will be prepared to shine at these conferences too with assistance from the faculty and the management.

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International Conference 2021

The major objective of the conference is to provide opportunities for academicians, research scholars, scientists, technocrats and professionals from across the globe to share their research through the conference podium. Moreover, it provide opportunities for academicians, research scholars, scientists, technocrats and professionals to receive informal in-depth feedback through discussions and to enable them to establish contact with professionals in other countries and institutions. Even in an increasingly networked world of internet and satellite conferences, there is no substitute for personal interaction what Edward R. Murrow calls “the last three feet of communication”. It is individuals, not data streams, who must ultimately build the connections that in turn create lasting international research partnerships. The conference will make efforts to harness the expertise of current Engineers and researchers. To facilitate discussion on business and economic environment that will expedite the nation’s growth and stability.
To bridge the gap between academic wisdom and practical knowledge. To develop a series of focused research topics that will benefit the academic world. Changing Government Policies and Impact Challenges for Business Leaders in dealing with Uncertainty Financial inclusion: Challenges and Opportunities Leveraging Diversity at Work Research Paper Presentation.

National Conference on futuristic technology 2020

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