International Conference on Computational Science and Management 2023



7th & 8th April 2023

Organized By School of Computer Science and Engineering

School of Commerce and Business Management



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Geeta University is organizing an International Conference on Computational Science and Management (ICCSM-2023) from 7th-8th April 2023. This maiden international conference stands first in the series of international conglomeration of renowned professional entities from the academia, industry, policy makers, and scholars all around the world. This aims at fostering exchange of ideas, innovative thinking and business ideas besides addressing the emerging concerns from the technological world. 

The conference aims to provide a special opportunity to a galaxy of academicians and professionals to discuss, debate and dialogue on various issues-old, arcane and emerging in the field of Computational Science and Management.


  • Providing students, Research Scholars, academicians & industry professionals for sharing and exploring new areas of research & development and to discuss emerging issues and novel methods.
  • To provide a gateway to enhance their knowledge in the areas of Computational Sciences and Management and allied disciplines.


Authors are invited to contribute in the conference by submitting novel in the following areas but not restricted to:


Track I: Computational Science and Algorithms

  1. Smart Communication systems
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) & its applications
  3. Smart Sensors and Devices in Artificial Intelligence 
  4. Advanced Sensor technologies and its applications to Security
  5. Data Mining
  6. Soft Computing Fundamental and Optimization
  7. Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition
  8. Business Intelligence


Track II: Deep Learning & ANN

  1. Reinforcement Learning
  2. ANN and Deep Neural Networks
  3. RNN, CNN, RBM, Transformer
  4. Auto Encoder, GAN, Transfer Learning
  5. Application in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Time Series Data

Track III: Big Data & Cloud Computing 

  1. Big Data Storage
  2. Data warehouse and Data Lakes
  3. Retrieval
  4. Advance Database Management (Graph database, Column based databases, NO SQL)
  5. Security and Privacy
  6. Cloud Computing 
  7. Fog Computing 


Track IV: AI & Machine Learning 

  1. Rudiments of AI & ML 
  2. Recent Trends in AI & ML 
  3. Data Privacy and Security in AI & ML 
  4. Intelligent Systems for Industry 4.0 
  5. Fuzzy Logic 
  6. Adaptive Learning 
  7. Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) 
  8. Expert Systems 
  9. ML Applications in Health Care, Industry Automation, Agriculture, Financial and Retail Sector   

Track V: Data Science

  1. Predictive Analysis: Stock Prediction, Weather Forecasting, Sales Prediction
  2. Fraud and Risk Detection 
  3. Healthcare 
  4. Internet Search 
  5. Targeted Advertising 
  6. Website Recommendations 
  7. Advanced Image Recognition 
  8. Speech Recognition 
  9. Airline Route Planning   

Track VI: Cyber Security

  1. Cybersecurity Leadership
  2. Infrastructure Security 
  3. Application and Data Security 
  4. Cyberthreat: Mitigation, Preparedness and Exposure Management 
  5. Cyber and IT Risk


Track I: Marketing

  1. Role of social media in building connects 
  2. AI-powered transformation 
  3. Role of IOT in service sector
  4. Data Driven Business Management

Track II: Human Resource & Management 

  1. Technology and Innovations in HR
  2. Digitalization in HR
  3. HR Analytics
  4. Impact of AI on HR
  5. Disruptive Innovations Practices in HRM

Track III: Finance & Economics

  1. Digital Innovations in Business and Economy
  2. Role of AI in Banking, Micro-financing and Financial Inclusion
  3. Sustainable Finance and Practices
  4. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology
  5. Financial Literacy & Behavioral Financial

Track IV: Operations Management

  1. Innovations In Product and Service Design
  2. Foster Innovations in Operations Management
  3. Big Data Analytics in Operation Management 
  4. Major Disruptions in Agriculture And Supply Chain Of Farm Produce, Aerospace and Satellite Communication Industry

Track V: Information Technology

  1. Green Projects and Green Technology
  2. Internet of Things & Industry 4.0
  3. Applying new ICT tools for business
  4. Data-driven Analytics and Business Management
  5. Big Data Applications, Challenges and Opportunities
  6. Business Intelligence and Technological Advancements in social media


Last Date for Submission of Abstract

March 09, 2023

Intimation of Acceptance of Abstract

March 13, 2023

Last Date for Registration

March 15, 2023

Last Date for Submission of Full Paper and Camera Ready Presentation

March 25, 2023

Conference Presentations

March 07-08, 2023

Last Date for Submission of Full Paper (After Incorporating all suggestions of the panel expert)

April 10, 2023





1500 (INR)

Academicians (Faculty/ Consultants)

1000 (INR)

Research Scholars

800 (INR)

Indian Students

500 (INR)

Foreign Delegates

200 (USD)


  1. The online registration link will be opened from  10th March 2023. 
  2. The registration form and link will also be e-mailed to the selected participants. Participants requires to mention transaction id/UTR in the registration form for the verification of fee payment 
  3.  The registration fee is non-refundable. However, a change in nomination(s) is acceptable 
  4.  In the case of more than one author, the presentation certificates would be given to only those who register for the Conference and present the paper at the Conference. 
  5. You can register by paying the registration fee through NEFT / RTGS / Online Payment (UPI Bank Transfer). For online payment, please find the following information. 
  6.  In case, paper is not presented, absentia certificate shall not be issued.


  1. Abstract of minimum 150 to 200 words must be typed clearly in Times New Roman font of size 12; Kindly mention Title of Paper, Name, Affiliation contact details and at 3-5 keywords
  2. The full paper must be submitted English in a MS Word docx format. The paper should be typed clearly in Times New Roman font of size 12 
  3. References should be APA format 6th edition
  4. Use a single column layout with left and right margin justified the paper should be well structured with proper indexing 
  5. You must use your unique id provided by the organizers after acceptance of abstract as the name of your file. 
  6. The paper should be original and should not have been published anywhere else or be under review for any journal or other conferences.
  7. Please mention the most relevant track of the conference which fits your paper.
  8. Tables, figures and images should have appropriate captions and be of good quality. Each of these items must be cited inline in the main text of the manuscript.
  9. If your study has been funded or supported by any institution, agency, etc, please indicate the same under “Acknowledgement”
  10. The full article must be submitted as a MS Word file in DOC or DOCX format or in PDF format.
  11. Before submitting your paper, please ensure that the English used is clear, concise and coherent. This is especially important if English is not your first language.
  12.  All the accepted research papers will be published in our peer reviewed university journal (Anvershan) and selected papers may be published in SCOUPS indexed journals (On paying charges. as applicable).


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