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Spring Up with the best University for Ph.D. in Management in Panipat, Delhi NCR, India

A Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in management is one of the most prestigious academic degrees awarded in management science.

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Spring Up with the best University for Ph.D. in Management in Panipat, Delhi NCR, India

A Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in management is one of the most prestigious academic degrees awarded in management science. This degree at GU is intended for those who are looking for academic research and teaching careers such as faculty or specialists in the management of business schools around the world.

Gaining the information and abilities required to take on management roles in a variety of businesses is possible with a bachelor’s degree in management studies. Students who enroll in the program will have a solid understanding of business processes, supervision, and leadership in a particular business domain. Students enrolled in the Management Department at Geeta University Naultha graduate with a strong grounding in fundamental business concepts as well as an expanded perspective on the global marketplace and the place of business in society. Pupils are encouraged to explore in-depth the subjects that most interest them in order to acquire the technical, conceptual, interpersonal, and strategic abilities necessary to have a fulfilling and successful career. Additionally, the department makes sure that a modern, engaging learning environment is created and maintained.
The comprehension of trade or business is the foundation of commerce. Because of its methodology, B. Com. is one of the traditional courses that continues to draw interest from students. The course curriculum offered by the Department of Finance and Commerce has been specially designed to meet industrial requirements and the implications that follow. The pupils are prepared to do well on professional entrance examinations, such as the CFA, CWA, CS, and CA. Additionally, the students are exposed to professional communication, polished presentations,and workplace decorum, a far cry from conventional business training. A few of the standout features of Geeta University Naultha undergraduate or graduate commerce curriculum are Industry 4.0 and the Choice Based Credit System in accordance with the New Education Policy. Live projects, course-specific practicals, industry/academic visits, and summer internship programs provide opportunities for experiential and experimental learning. Additionally, the students are prepared for the demands of the modern workplace and entrepreneurship through the Skill Enhancement courses and practical training.

Job Opportunities after Ph.D. in Management

  • University Lecturer.
  • Policy Analyst.
  • Management Consultants.
  • Chief Executive Officer.
  • Strategic Manager.
  • Market Research Analyst.
  • Business Development Manager.
  • Quantitative Analyst.
  • Dedicated Orientation Plan: To effectively acclimate new hires to the department, an orientation is organized for them. Over the course of the week-long program, students get knowledge about departmental beliefs, a code of behaviour, and introduction to various subjects.
  • Soft-Skills Training Modules: To increase their employability, all management students receive specialized training on developing their soft skills. The courses are made to teach participants how to conduct aptitude tests, participate in group discussions, and handle in-person interviews.
  • Frequent Corporate Interactions: Through the planning of events like corporate talks, HR conclaves, guest lectures, industrial trips, and pre-placement talks, the department hopes to keep constant touch with business houses. The students have simple and comfortable access to corporate sources because to such ongoing connections.
  • Co-Existence with Academia and Other Clubs: Students have the opportunity to become involved with several departmental clubs, including the specialist clubs and the many extracurricular activity clubs, such social connect, dance, poetry, and theatre.
  • World-Class Infrastructure and Learning Facilities: Our students benefit from a world-class learning environment that includes state-of-the-art computer labs, research labs, language labs, finance labs, interactive teaching pedagogy, interdisciplinary learning, and +47 acres of lush, green, pollution-free campus.


The Candidate must passed Master’s Degree from any accredited Indian or Foreign University in the relevant field with minimum 55% marks.

Semester Fee (INR) Duration (Years)
55000 3

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